FACEWEAR brand is designed and manufactured in Estonia by it’s owner-company Salesman Ltd., which has been engaged in digital printing since 2004.

Salesman Ltd. is the author and manufacturer of products under FACEWEAR brand name.

The idea of face masks with print came to us a few years ago.

Wearing facemasks is very developed in Asian countries, especially in Japan and China. People there treat each other with great respect and always wear masks when they are sick, or if they want to protect themselves from external factors. This is a really good experience that we should adopt from asian people. But why in our countries it is not common wearing face masks, even when people are sick? We think it’s all due to the psychological factor. What you think about when you see a person in a medical mask? What associations do you have? Disease, germs, viruses, hospital, danger, fear ... right? Nothing nice and positive. No wonder why people are embarrassed to wear medical facemasks.

Our idea was to add a positive emotion to the facemasks’ wearing. We make the mask a pleasant and beautiful accessory. So that people can choose a mask in accordance with their character, mood, lifestyle and outfit. We want this to become something ordinary and natural.


Take care of yourself and others! Your FACEWEAR team.

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