Product cleaning:

Wash mask at 6C water, washing mode suitable for synthetic fabrics with minimal use of powder. Wash the mask before first use. Don’t use bleach or softener. Rinse well. Don’t use spin and machine drying. Don’t squeeze the mask. You can dry the mask between clean towels (sanitize your hands first) and then allow the mask to air dry completely before using it again. Ironing from the inner side can be done in a minimal mode suitable for synthetic fabrics. Steam is also allowed.

Using the product:

It is important to realize that it is not recommended to wear a mask all the time! Wear a mask only when necessary. Only in public transport, shops and other crowded places.

If you feel that the mask has become wet, it must be removed or replaced. In case of any discomfort (itching, shortness of breath) or allergy, stop using the product immediately.